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Kalau Perempuan Marah...Ape boleh jd?

If i am rich

I will buy Moonlight

My bedroom will have a window which can look for the world




My pretty servant always ready













Oil!! Long article but worth reading!!

WHAT IS NEVER MENTIONED IN Mainstream Media like NST/TheStar/Utusan/BH are these facts....

Malaysian PerCapita Income USD 5000
Singaporean PerCapita Income USD 25000

Further The Star made a comparison of prices in Thailand , Singapore and Indonesia .

For Thailand it is quoted at RM3.90/liter, however are they aware that in Thailand new cars are cheaper than Malaysia by RM10,000? They pay only one life time for their driving license? No renewal fee after that? Also that goes for road tax as well? And do TheStar also aware that you can drive all the way from Hadtyai to Bangkok on a six lane highway without paying any Tolls ??!!

Whereas here in Malaysia you have to pay yearly renewal for road tax , driving license and TOLLS, TOLLS, TOLLS!!!

For Singapore how can you quote RM 5.20 ? Please quote in Singapore Dollars because they are earning in Sing Dollars. You might as well say Europeans are paying RM10/liter. RM5.20/liter = Sing $ 2.20/liter, still cheaper than Malaysia in view of fact that Singapore is not a crude oil exporter. Are you saying that you fill up petrol in Singapore by paying Ringgit?

In economy, dollar to dollar must be compared as apple to apple. Not comparing like durian in M'sia is much cheaper than durian in Japan!! Of course-lah, Japan is not durian producer!!! Comparing Malaysian durian with Thailand durian make more sense!!

For Indonesia we might say is cheaper there at RM2..07/liter but compare that to their level of income!

Now, let us compare the price with OIL PRODUCING countries:

UAE – RM1.19/litre
Eygpt – RM1.03/litre
Bahrain – RM0.87/litre
Qatar – RM0.68/litre
Kuwait – RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia – RM0.38/litre
Iran – RM0.35/litre
Nigeria – RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan – RM0.25/litre
Venezuela – RM0.16/litre

MALAYSIA – RM2.70/litre

RM 2.70!!! Individual perspective:

As of last month a Toyota Vios would 'cause a damage' of about RM 89,000.
In the international market, a Toyota Vios is about USD 19,000
USD 19,000 = RM 62,700 (using the indicative rates of USD 1 = RM 3.30)
That makes Malaysian Vios owners pay an extra RM 26,300.

This RM 26,300 should be cost of operations, profit and tax because the transportation costs have been factored in to the USD 19,000.

RM 26,300/ RM625 petrol rebate per year translates to a Vios being used for 42.08 years.

I do understand that the RM 625 is a rebate given by the government, but it also means that one has to use the Vios for 42.08 years just to make back the amount paid in taxes for the usage of a foreign car. Would anyone use any kind of car for that long?

Now with these numbers in front of us, does the subsidy sound like a subsidy or does it sound like a penalty? This just seems to be a heavy increment in our daily cost of living as we are not only charged with high car taxes but also with a drastic increase in fuel price.

With all the numbers listed out, I urge all Malaysians to join me in analyzing the situation further.

Car taxation is government profit, fuel sales is Petronas' (GLC) profit which also translates into government profit. The government may ridicule us Malaysians by saying look at the world market and fuel price world wide. Please, we are Malaysians, we fought of the British, had a international port in the early centuries (Malacca), home to a racially mixed nation and WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!

We know the international rates are above the USD 130/barrel. We understand the fact that the fuel prices are increasing worldwide and we also know that major scientist are still contradicting on why this phenomenon is happening. Some blame Bush and his plunders around the world and some blame climate change and there are others which say petroleum 'wells' are getting scarce.

Again we go back to numbers to be more straight fwd

1 barrel = 159 liters x RM2.70/liter = RM 429 or USD 134

On 1 hand, we are paying the full cost of 1 barrel of crude oil with RM2.70 per liter but on the other hand the crude oil only produces 46% of fuel.

Msia sells crude oil per barrel at USD130 buys back Fuel per barrel at USD134. And not forgetting, every barrel of fuel is produced with 2 barrels of crude oil.

1 barrel crude oil = produce 46% fuel (or half of crude oil), therefore
2 barrel crude oil = approximately 1 barrel fuel
In other words, each time we sell 2 barrels of crude oil, equivalently we will buy back 1 barrel of fuel.

Malaysia sell 2 barrel crude oil @ USD 130/barrel = USD 260 = RM 858
then, Malaysia will buy back fuel @ USD 134/barrel = RM 442/barrel
Thus, Malaysia earn net extra USD 126 = RM 416 for each 2 barrel of crude sold/exported vs imported 1 barrel of fuel !!!
(USD 260-134 = USD 126 = RM416)

So where this extra USD 126/barrel income is channeled to by Malaysian Govt?????????

Another analysis:

1 barrel crude oil = 159 liters.
46-47% of a barrel of crude oil = fuel that we use in our vehicles.
46% of 159 = 73.14 liters.
@ RM 2.70/liter x 73.14 liter = RM197.48 of fuel per barrel of crude oil. This is only 46% of the barrel, mind you. Using RM 3.30 = USD 1, we get that a barrel of crude oil produces USD 59.84 worth of petrol fuel (46% of 1barrel).
USD 59.84 of USD 130/barrel turns out to be 46% of a barrel as well.

Another 54% = bitumen, kerosene, and natural gases and so many more.
And this makes a balance of USD 70.16 that has not been accounted for.

So this is where I got curious. Where is the subsidy if we are paying 46% of the price of a barrel of crude oil when the production of petrol/barrel of crude oil is still only 46%?

In actual fact, we still pay for this as they are charged in the forms of fuel surcharge by airlines and road taxes for the building of road (because they use the tar/bitumen) and many more excuse charging us but let us just leave all that out of our calculations.

As far as I know, only the politicians who live in Putrajaya and come for their Parliament meetings in Kuala Lumpur (approximately 60+ km) are the ones to gain as they claim their fuel and toll charges from the money of the RAKYAT's TAX.

It is so disappointing to see this happen time and time again to the Malaysian public, where they are deceived by the propaganda held by the politicians and the controls they have over the press.

Which stupid idiot economist equates rebates for rich or poor with the cc of the vehicles? An average office clerk may own a second hand 1300cc proton Iswara costing $7,000 (rebate = $625) while the Datuk's children can own a fleet of 10 new cars of BMW, Audi and Volvo all less than 2000cc costing $2 millions and get a total rebate of $625 x 10 = $6,250! Wow what kind of economists we are keeping in Malaysia...wonder which phD certificate that they bought from...

Misleading concept of Subsidy:

The word 'subsidy' has been brandished by the BN government as if it has so generously helped the rakyat and in doing so incurred losses. This simple example will help to explain the fallacy:

Ahmad is a fisherman. He sells a fish to you at $10 which is below the market value of $15. Let's assume that he caught the fish from the abundance of the sea at little or no cost. Ahmad claims that since the market value of the fish is $15 and he sold you the fish for $10, he had subsidised you $5 and therefore made a loss of $5.

Question : Did Ahmad actually make a profit of $10 or loss of $5 which he claimed is the subsidy?

Ahmad makes a profit of $10 which is the difference of the selling price ($10) minus the cost price ($0 since the fish was caught from the abundance of the sea). There is no subsidy as claimed by Ahmad.

The BN government claims that it is a subsidy because the oil is kept and treated as somebody else's property (you know who). By right, the oil belongs to all citizens of the country and the government is a trustee for the citizens. So as in the above simple example, the BN government cannot claim that it has subsidised the citizen!

mass-hysteria at a school in Kuantan, Malaysia

An outbreak of mass-hysteria at a school in Kuantan, Malaysia occured when students were informed they would be taking exams.

In the grip of hysteria

Parents and guardians of the 35 SMK Tanjung Lumpur students affected by hysteria since May have been given a choice of transferring the children to another school.

State education director Abdul Aziz Abdul Latif said three other students who were affected were doing fine in their new schools.

“They are not experiencing spells of hysteria like they did when they were in SMK Tanjung Lumpur,” he added.

He said the parents and guardians of the 35 students were responsive about the transfer proposal and would inform the department of their decision on Monday.

Abdul Aziz said the department was concerned as nine of the students were in Form Three and two in Form Five and they would be taking the Penilaian Menengah Rendah and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examinations.

On whether the hysteria had affected the rest of the 700-odd students, Abdul Aziz said they were continuing with their lessons and have meals during recess like normal while the teachers go about their routine duties.

“Even when the students suffered hysteria, the rest of the school continued as usual,” he added.

After reports emerged that the school may be haunted, steps were taken to prevent further incidents. The school has arranged to hold special religious recitals and prayers and engaging a bomoh (shaman) to cleanse the school.

Pasangan ‘melekat’

aSIBU, 14 Ogos: Sepasang kekasih terpaksa mendapatkan rawatan setelah kedua-dua mereka ‘melekat’ pada satu sama lain ketika mengadakan hubungan seks.

Kejadian itu dipercayai berlaku pada malam Sabtu lalu, di sebuah tempat di Pantai Mukah.

Terdahulu, pasangan tersebut yang tidak mempunyai pilihan lain terpaksa memaklumkan kejadian itu kepada rakan mereka untuk mendapatkan bantuan.

dTersentak dengan kejadian itu, rakan pasangan tersebut kemudian menyelimut kedua-dua mereka dengan menggunakan kain sebelum dikejarkan ke hospital Mukah.

Sementara itu kakitangan perubatan di sini yang dimaklumkan mengenai kejadian itu telah bersiap sedia untuk membantu memberikan rawatan.

Bagaimanapun, kenderaan yang membawa pasangan tersebut berpatah balik semula ke Mukah apabila kedua-dua mereka pulih daripada serangan kekejangan otot yang menyebabkan mereka akhirnya terpisah.

Menurut sumber, pasangan terbabit berusia dalam lingkungan 30-an dan masing-masing telah mendirikan rumah tangga.

nDifahamkan, pasangan kekasih tersebut sering keluar bersama ketika suami wanita terbabit keluar bekerja di tempat lain.

Turut difahamkan suami wanita terbabit yang merasakan isterinya berlaku curang, telah mendapatkan khidmat bomoh untuk mengenakan kedua-dua mereka.

Pengerusi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia, cawangan Sibu Dr. Hu Chang Hock ketika dihubungi mengesahkan kejadian seumpama itu pernah berlaku dan dikenali sebagai “varinismus do pccur”.

“Kejadian seumpama itu boleh berlaku ketika pasangan yang mengadakan hubungan seks berada dalam situasi kemuncak syawat,” katanya.

Insiden terbabit dikatakan telah tersebar secara meluas serta menjadi buah mulut di Mukah, menyebabkan ada yang menghubungi wartawan untuk mendapatkan pengesahan.

Sumber: tranungkite

Moral: Jangan bermukah!!...terutama di Mukah hohoho

Lawak sukan




Gambaran perancangan Kaabah di masa depan

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6 Tips to Supercharge Mozilla Firefox with Middle Mouse Button

A typical computer mouse has 3 buttons but only two buttons remains dominant in our daily computer usage. For those who don’t know, the middle mouse can become quite useful too, if one know how to use it properly.

In this post, I will show you 6 tips to supercharge your Mozilla Firefox with the middle mouse button , thus making your web browsing experience better than before.


1- Click on a link with the middle mouse button to quickly open a link in a new tab. No more right click -> “Open Link in new tab”!

2- Press the Control (Ctrl) button and scroll the mouse wheel backward to increase Firefox’s font size. Scroll it forward to decrease the font size.

3- Press the Shift button and scroll the mouse wheel forward to move a page forward and scroll backwards to go the previous page.

Below are Mozilla Firefox’s about:config hack to modify hidden preferences (mouse related). Check out here on how to modify about:config.

4- Change the value of middlemouse.paste to true. This will let you paste a clipboard content to any text field with the middle mouse button.

5- Change the value of middlemouse.scrollbarPosition to true and restart your Firefox. The next time you click on a scrollbar location with the middle mouse button, Firefox will center the screen to that position.

6- Change the value of mousewheel.withaltkey.action to 1. This will enable you to scroll document by one page while pressing the Alt button.

That was all that I can find on how to optimize the usage of a middle mouse button in Mozilla Firefox. Feel free to add more tips and tricks by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!

Pil Pelangsing Kintop Memudaratkan Kesihatan


Pil Pelangsing Kintop - Pegawai farmasi seluruh negara menyerbu farmasi / memeriksa premis di Sabah dan Sarawak bertujuan untuk membasmi pengedaran pil ini.

Pil ini telah diharamkan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan kerana mengandungi bahan racun berjadual - Sibutramine, yang dipercayai mengakibatkan kematian seorang surirumah, Normala Shahidan, 33, dari Kampung Gunung Keriang, Alor Star pada 15 Februari lalu.

Awas! Pil ini masih boleh didapati dari Internet dan perlu dielakkan.

Hasil pemerhatian saya dari Internet, promosi pil pelangsing Kintop:-

Natural, safe and effective health food for weight losing as well as lowering cholesterin. It has also some function to regulate blood sugar.Made of chinese herbs and tea essense. It is a kind of purely natural herb product. No chemical additives inside. No Ma Huang(Ephedra Herb) inside.

It is gurranteened that at least 3 kg weight can be reduced per month, 100% effective for lowering blood fat and specially effective for dealing with constipation. It is without any negative side effect.

Main ingredients: Extract of Rhubarb and Tea, as well as microcrystalline cellulos.

Health Care Effects: Controlling weight, regulating blood fat and improving gastrointestinal function. (lubricate the bowels and defecation).

It also functions to regulate glucose level and decline level of serum TNFa (Tumor Necrosis Factor) and Insulin.

We can provide with finished products also raw materials.

KINTOP: 100% Effective and 100% Safe
HS Code: 14049000
Trademark: KINTOP
Model: SH-04
Standard: Q/SMKD01-1998
Productivity: 300,000 packets /month

ayat-ayat yang diboldkan di atas menampakkan penipuan yang agak jelas. dalam keghairahan menguruskan badan untuk kecantikan, kadangkala kita perlu menyemak apa yang dimakan, takut memudaratkan kesihatan.

PTPTN Loans Payback Formula!

formula bayaran balik pinjaman ptptn

A Malay proverb once said “Kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai“. So true based on the formula used to pay back your PTPTN government loans. Whew!

Kalau SPM Matematik tak lulus jangan cuba menggunakan formula di atas!”

Check out the mind bending formula completely from PTPTN Website.

Pictures of New Seven Wonders of The World

Below are pictures of the new seven wonders of the world. They are chosen by polls from the public, organized by a Swiss corporation called New Open World Corporation. The selection was made by free and paid votes, through telephone or online.

1- Petra (Jordan)

From Wikipedia - Petra is an archaeological site in Jordan, lying in a basin among the mountains which form the eastern flank of Arabah (Wadi Araba), the large valley running from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. It is famous for having many stone structures carved into the rock.


2- Machu Picchu

From Wikipedia - Machu Picchu sometimes called the “Lost City”, is a pre-Columbian city created by the Inca Empire. It is located at 2,430 m (7,970 ft) on a mountain ridge. Machu Picchu is located above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, about 70 km (44 mi) northwest of Cusco.


3- Chichen Itza

From Wikipedia - Chichen Itza or “At the mouth of the well of the Itza”, is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya civilization located in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula, present-day Mexico.


4- Taj Mahal

From Wikipedia - The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned it as a mausoleum for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.


5- Colosseum

From Wikipedia - The Colosseum or Coliseum, originally the Flavian Amphitheatre, is a giant amphitheater in the center of the city of Rome, Italy. Originally capable of seating around 50,000 spectators, it was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles.


6- Great Wall of China

From Wikipedia - The Great Wall of China is a series of stone and earthen fortifications in China, built, rebuilt, and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16th century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire during the rule of successive dynasties.


7- Statue of Christ the Redeemer

From Wikipedia: Statue of Christ the Redeemer, is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue stands 38 m (105 feet) tall, weighs 700 tons and is located at the peak of the 700-m (2296-foot) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park, overlooking the city.


And if you are wondering why there are no pyramids in this list, the answer is very easy. The Giza pyramids are incomparable and it does not have to compete. It were assured of retaining its status in addition to the new seven wonders. After all, it is the only surviving structures of the ancient seven wonders of the world.

And here it is, the Giza Pyramids picture:


Ukiran terkecil / Small art masterpiece

Ukrainian artist Nikolai Syadristy's miniature art works are most likely the smallest in the world; some are less then a millimeter high. The fly above is about as big as this comma ,

Syadristy creates his works of art with tools he also makes.
"It's infernal work, considering the fact that very often it has taken more time to make an instrument than to process a part with it", he says. "Every new piece needs a new set of instruments. When I make my miniatures, I try to hold my breath and touch the work with the instrument between the beats of my heart to prevent my hand from trembling".

Among his masterpieces - or is that micropieces? - are a 3.85mm model of Columbus' ship the Santa Maria, composed of 256 gold parts - and a detailed nest of birds. The nest, for starters, being made out of half a hollowed-out poppy seed with some of the birds inside the nest and some in flight around it.

anjing yg terhodoh


Cat on a glass table


Ini la yang perempuan suka gunakan untuk hentikan pergaduhan, lebih-lebih lagi bila dia rasa dia yang betul dan anda kena diam. Jangan sekali kali gunakan perkataan ini untuk memberi gambaran rupanya, terutama sekali apabila dia sedang mencuba pakaian di kedai - hanya akan membawa anda berdua bergaduh.

Ini sebenarnya setengah jam. Ianya sama jugak dengan lima minit yang perlawanan bola sepak akan berakhir sebelum anda membawa sampah ke luar, jadi ini adalah pertukaran yang seimbang.

Ini bermakna "something" dan anda perlu berjaga-jaga! Perkataan ini melambangkan perasaan perempuan yang inginkan anda berputar-putar kat dalam macam mesin basuh. Selalunya, ini akan memulakan pergaduhan yang akan bertahan selama 'LIMA MINIT' dan diakhiri dengan 'FINE'.

PERGILAH! (dengan kening terangkat)
Ini adalah satu cabaran yang akan membuat si perempuan menjadi marah dengan 'TAKDE APA-APA' dan diakhiri dengan 'FINE'. PERGILAH (dengan kening biasa) Ini bermakna 'mengalah' atau 'buat je la apa yang awak nak sebab saya tak kisah'. Anda hanya akan mendapat situasi ini dan dalam beberapa minit diikuti dengan 'TAKDE APA-APA', 'FINE' dan dia akan bercakap kembali dengan anda dalam masa 'LIMA MINIT' apabila dia dah sejuk.

Ini sebenarnya bukanlah perkataan, tetapi kenyataan yang sering disalah anggap oleh kaum lelaki. 'MENGELUH YANG KUAT' bermakna dia merasakan anda adalah seorang yang bodoh ketika itu dan dia sendiri terfikir kenapalah dia menghabiskan masa berdiri di situ dan bergaduh mengenai 'TAKDE APA-APA'.

Lagi sekali, ini bukanlah perkataan. 'MENGELUH YANG PERLAHAN' membawa maksud yang dia berasa puas. Adalah lebih elok jika anda duduk diam, jangan buat sebarang tindakan... dan dia akan kekal puas.

Ini adalah kenyataan yang paling merbahaya seorang perempuan boleh buat kepada lelaki. 'OKAY LAH' bermakna dia ingin berfikir panjang sebelum dia membalas terhadap perbuatan anda yang telah menyakitkan hatinya. 'OKAY LAH' selalunya digunakan dengan 'FINE' bersama 'Kening Yang Terangkat'.

Satu ketika di masa depan dalam masa terdekat, anda akan dilanda masalah yang besar.

Ini bukan kenyataan, sebaliknya adalah pelawaan. Seorang perempuan memberi anda peluang untuk mengeluarkan sebarang alasan atau sebab di atas apa yang telah anda lakukan. Anda mempunyai peluang yang adil dengan kejujuran, jadi berhati-hati dan anda tidak akan mendapat 'OKAY LAH'.

Seorang perempuan mengucapkan terima kasih. Jangan pengsan. Terima dan ucapkan sama-sama.

Ini banyak berbeza dari 'TERIMA KASIH'. Seorang perempuan akan menggunakan ini apabila dia dah terlampau marah pada anda. Ini menunjukkan yang anda telah menyinggung perasaannya dan akan diikuti dengan 'MENGELUH YANG KUAT'. Berhati-hati untuk tidak bertanya apa yang salah selepas 'MENGELUH YANG KUAT' kerana ini hanya akan membuat dia berkata 'TAKDE APA-APA'.

pics for you to smile