Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ukiran terkecil / Small art masterpiece

Ukrainian artist Nikolai Syadristy's miniature art works are most likely the smallest in the world; some are less then a millimeter high. The fly above is about as big as this comma ,

Syadristy creates his works of art with tools he also makes.
"It's infernal work, considering the fact that very often it has taken more time to make an instrument than to process a part with it", he says. "Every new piece needs a new set of instruments. When I make my miniatures, I try to hold my breath and touch the work with the instrument between the beats of my heart to prevent my hand from trembling".

Among his masterpieces - or is that micropieces? - are a 3.85mm model of Columbus' ship the Santa Maria, composed of 256 gold parts - and a detailed nest of birds. The nest, for starters, being made out of half a hollowed-out poppy seed with some of the birds inside the nest and some in flight around it.

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