Monday, August 11, 2008

mass-hysteria at a school in Kuantan, Malaysia

An outbreak of mass-hysteria at a school in Kuantan, Malaysia occured when students were informed they would be taking exams.

In the grip of hysteria

Parents and guardians of the 35 SMK Tanjung Lumpur students affected by hysteria since May have been given a choice of transferring the children to another school.

State education director Abdul Aziz Abdul Latif said three other students who were affected were doing fine in their new schools.

“They are not experiencing spells of hysteria like they did when they were in SMK Tanjung Lumpur,” he added.

He said the parents and guardians of the 35 students were responsive about the transfer proposal and would inform the department of their decision on Monday.

Abdul Aziz said the department was concerned as nine of the students were in Form Three and two in Form Five and they would be taking the Penilaian Menengah Rendah and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examinations.

On whether the hysteria had affected the rest of the 700-odd students, Abdul Aziz said they were continuing with their lessons and have meals during recess like normal while the teachers go about their routine duties.

“Even when the students suffered hysteria, the rest of the school continued as usual,” he added.

After reports emerged that the school may be haunted, steps were taken to prevent further incidents. The school has arranged to hold special religious recitals and prayers and engaging a bomoh (shaman) to cleanse the school.

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